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adjective - ˈtər-shē-ˌer-ē

  • of, relating to, or being higher education

  • relating to the formation of high mountains

  • being or relating to purification

  • multifaceted; multidimensional; well rounded

  • constantly learning, evolving and growing


Tertiary Creations came to fruition as a simple idea: eclectic quality in all things, especially aesthetics. In a world full of mass produced, rapid quantities, we aim to rise above the noise. By incorporating seasoned experience, formal knowledge, and unbridled enthusiasm, Tertiary Creations aims to deliver a high caliber product, unique to each individual project. 

The real question is -- what do you need done?

We got you.


Tertiary Creations exists as a husband and wife team. Him: a third generation painting contractor with formal experience in physical historic preservation. Her: A professional designer and the daughter of an architect. With this combined extensive background in contracting and design, each project is hand crafted and tailored to specific needs and requirements. 

We offer complimentary professional consulting in all aspects of each job. Whether you know what you desire or not, it helps to bounce ideas off a dreamer mentality. Designing along with your personality and pushing the limits at the same time is our goal. Let our in house designer help you make the most of your project. Let's create something special. 

Ready for a refresh?

Need some assistance and inspiration on your next big idea? Get in touch and we'd be thrilled to help you out. 


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